Hold in the Light:

* Diane and Bob Metz

Diane was released from Christiana on Monday and is now at home.  She is tired but doing really well.  We hope to see her soon!

*Fred and Peg Long 

*Mr. Harris

*Helena and Dick Bew

* Mary S. and her husband - his daughter was recently diagnosed with leukemia

*Mike H's parents

Joyful Moments:

* Attender Peggy Worthington is a grandmom!  Her granddaughter was born March 1st. 

News and Events:

Salem Quarterly Meeting at Seaville on June 12

All members and attenders are invited to attend Quarterly Meeting beginning at 10am.  Seaville will host a children's program from 10am-12pm with the theme being Creation.  The Creation story from Godly Play will be shared and there will be plenty of time to "create" as well.  Details on Adult program to follow soon.



Next Business Meeting is June 19

All members and attenders are asked to consider attending the next business meeting which will be the last until September.  May's meeting for business brought about the need to table decisions based on not enough people in attendance.  Also, there are financial matters regarding the new roof that need discussing.  As always there will be a potluck lunch.







Godly Play workshop for ANYONE interested in working with our young Friends


This weekend event will be held at Pendle Hill from Sept 23-25 (2 nights).  Meeting will cover some of the expenses and Pendle Hill is willing to match it.





If at all interested please make it known to someone at meeting.




We are now collecting Box Tops for Education

ken_quaker (3).pdf

Click on the link for more information about this program.


Family Promise




First "Meeting Book" for Seaville

The Adult Education Committee and Peace and Social Concerns Committee are sponsoring Twelve Steps To a Compassionate Life by Karen Armstrong


Here is how you can participate:


*Sign up at Friendship Hall for a copy of the book (purchase price $13); a discussion guide will be provided with each book

*Begin reading the book now or during the summer 

*Discuss the book with fellow members and attenders

*For those who are interested, a monthly discussion group will take place on the Second Sunday of each month


Yard Sale on May 14 was a SUCCESS!

The day earned $400 for the education fund!  Thanks to Fred, Maryann, John, Sue, Ella, Margaret, Mel, BJ, Karen, Lori, Mary and Mary S and anyone else we forgot.  Your efforts - before, during and after - are much appreciated.


Wednesday Night Candle Light Service


Just a reminder that on the first Wednesday of each month, the meeting house will be open at 7 pm for candle light prayer. 


Being in the meeting house lighted by a flickering candle is a very moving and spiritual experience in itself...

Everyone is welcome - bring a friend!