Steph, as she is known to family and friends, is a Cape May County native having grown up in Seaville and later residing in Tuckahoe. She is currently living with her parents, Ken and Kathy Thompson, her bother Allen and twenty nine plus pets. The pets include bees, three horses, one goat, two ducks, twenty chickens, and three cats. Stephanie adopted one of the cats through the Ocean City Humane Society. His name is Aspen!


    The love of animals from a very young age has moved Stephanie toward being involved with Animal Rights. Personally, she has adopted a vegetarian/vegan life style. 



Stephanie is currently taking three classes at Stockton to fulfill the ten credits needed to graduate from Central Connecticut State University. Her degree will be a BA in Fine Arts with a focus in technical theatre and design.




    Stephanie began her working life as a mother’s helper and a daycare worker. She later worked at Wendy’s, The Bashful Banana, and at Hoys Toy Store. When she has time for herself, Stephanie enjoys knitting hats and reading. Going to the theater is Stephanie’s # 1 passion!  She likes non-traditional musicals like “Bat Boy”, “Next to Normal”, and “Bloody, Bloody Andrew Jackson”.




    Her Dad, Ken Thompson, has had the biggest influence in her life. Stephanie     loved to be by his side growing up. She remembers learning about nature, pacifism and respect for all human beings. She is fascinated about his thoughts and opinions and wants to be a parent like him one day.



    She comes to Quakerism through her father, Ken, who showed her that she could reach God through friends and herself without a person asking for money behind a pulpit.



    Stephanie remembers learning how to swing when she was five years old. She was proud of herself. It empowered her to dream that, with some effort, she could touch the sky!