The Heart of Quaker Meeting

     Committees are the heartbeat of meeting and committee members take care of the meeting, everything from mowing the lawn and paying the utilities to welcoming attenders and planning memorial services.  Without committees the meeting would evaporate.

    Being nominated to a committee is an honor and an opportunity.  If you are asked by a   member to the nominating committee to serve, please hold the request in the Light and seriously consider the gifts you can share to cooperatively support, sustain, grow and guide Seaville meeting.  If you feel lead to join a committee contact our co-clerk, Ken Thompson, or nominating committee members Kara Janson or Maryann McCall.


There are several committees at Seaville, all with very important jobs to do:

  • Finance prepares and monitors the budget
  • Property is responsible for the grounds, cemetery, and our buildings
  • Adult Ed develops programs for adults based on Quaker testimonies and spirituality
  • Peace and Social Concerns puts our testimonies in action through many programs such as the Peace Garden, Bikes not Bombs, and Family Promise
  • Education develops programs for the children and First Day School
  • Hospitality makes sure the “coffee is on” and our meeting is welcoming to all
  • Worship Ministry and Care takes care of members and attenders, welcomes new members, and keeps watch over the life of the meeting.  

If nominated and accepted to a committee, please attend your committee meetings when scheduled and share your leadings with the group.