List updated on 3/36/13


Co-Clerks: Fred and Peggy Long

Recording Clerk: BJ Chadwick


Treasurer: Bob Holden

Recorder: Craig Gras

Committees: The first person on the list should convene the committee for the first meeting.  At that time committees should choose a clerk and a meeting schedule. Please contact Fred and Peg Long with the name of your clerk and your meeting time.


Worship, Ministry and Care

Diane Metz 

Mary Hess 

Asa Colson 

Vivian Colson 

Michael Hainesworth 

Betsy Barry 

Fred Long 

Peggy Long 

Recorder: ex-officio


Property and Finance

Bob Holden 

Craig Gras 

Michael Hainesworth 

BJ Chadwick 

Mary Thompson-Schmitt 

Treasurer: ex-officio



Betsy Barry 

Kara Janson 

Jill Smith 

Mary Schmidt 


Peace, Social Concerns,

and Outreach & Adult Ed

Fred Long 

Peggy Long 

Karen Barlow 

Bill Barlow 

Maryann McCall 

Mary Hess 

Lori Kintz 

Maryann Olson 

Frieda Goldberg 

Lois Harris 


Audit (one year term)

Dave Fuschillo



Ken Thompson 

Maryann McCall 

Hospitality (no term):

Mary Hess

Lori Kintz

Suzanne Forrest

Annual Fund Appeal

Helena Bew

Website Editor

Kara Janson

Salem Quarterly Meeting

Steering Committee – Diane Metz and

Michael Hainesworth

Nominating – Diane Metz

Audit – Vivian Colson

Finance – Diane Metz

Trustee – Ken Thompson

Faith Community Nurse

Diane Metz

Kara Janson

Dick Colosi

FCLN Contact

Lori Kinta

Climate Change

Bill and Karen Barlow


Interim Meeting – Helena Bew

Beach Meeting

CM -Bob Ewen

OC- (Laid down)